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Fluoride Is it Safe?

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

It is no secret that if you live in Australia, you are drinking fluoridated water. Except for Queensland, where most local councils do not fluoridate their water.

Many kinds of toothpaste sold in Australia contain Fluoride or Sodium Fluoride as the main ingredient.

Fluoride Drinking Water

Many people these days are asking.

1. Is fluoride good for me?

2. Should I be consuming it?

3. Is it safe to consume for my family and me, especially infants?

4. Where does the fluoride in my tap water come from, and

5. Why is fluoride added to tap water in most states and territories in Australia?

The process of adding fluoride to water or water fluoridation has been around for some time, roughly since 1956, specifically here in Australia. Still, the question remains do I need it, let alone should I be consuming it. Has the science been settled on water Fluoridation after 50 years?

Most claimable health benefits come from scientific studies focused on the topical application of fluoride and not fluoride ingestion.

So, if there are any health benefits, none of the health benefits claimed can be acquired through ingestion. Therefore, no studies can attribute the ingestion of fluoride as having any health benefits or preventing cavities.

The "NSW Health FAQ On Fluoridation PDF" attached make the following claim, and I quote;

"Fluoride predominantly has a topical action and probably exerts its effect through fluoride ions in plaque and saliva assisting remineralisation of demineralised tooth enamel. Fluoride incorporated into tooth enamel pre-eruption also plays a role (Singh and Spencer 2004). Frequent exposure to low levels of fluoride in the oral cavity is important for the prevention of decay (Featherstone 1999)."

This quote above does not mention that the ingestion of Fluoridated water will provide any health benefits only that Fluoride exposure might, meaning applying fluoride directly to the teeth or topically would "probably" give some advantage. Hence, they inadvertently admit they are in contradiction to the scientific literature.

Refinery Pipework

Fluoride Sources and Types of Fluoride.

Most Australians assume or are led to believe; the chemicals used to fluoridate our drinking water are pharmaceutical grade. So they are often surprised to find that these chemicals are, in fact, a highly-toxic industrial waste product from the phosphate fertiliser industry.

People are also shocked and surprised to know that fluoride is not an essential nutrient, nor is it classified as a nutrient of any kind.

According to the Same PDF attached below, Fluoride sources used to Fluoridate the water supply in NSW are mainly chemical by-products of the fertiliser industry.

Australian Taxpayers fund the purchase of this by-product from the fertiliser industry. It is also mainly imported from China, adding it to the water supply and claiming that it prevents cavities under the disguise of "Public Health".

On the other hand, large corporations that produce these by-products no longer have to pay large sums of money to ethically dispose of their toxic and corrosive products. Good for them, I guess?

The most common fluoride compounds used in NSW are as quoted by the NSW Department of Health PDF on the FAQ below;

  1. Sodium silicofluoride for large water supplies, and Sodium fluoride for medium to small water supplies.

  2. Six water treatment plants in NSW currently use hydrofluosilicic acid.

  3. Hydrofluosilicic acid, sodium silicofluoride, and sodium fluoride are commonly sourced from phosphate fertiliser manufacturers.

Why is Fluorine Not allowed to be released into the atmosphere?

Danger Warning

As a result of a lawsuit as early as 1885 in Germany, which awarded damages to farmers and residents in the local area of metal smelting factories emitting toxic fluorine gases. They caused harm to crops, livestock, and human health. Later lawsuits continued in the United States that included the phosphate fertiliser industry. Please see the website for more information

When phosphate is extracted by adding sulphuric acid to dissolve the rock, an extra step is taken during this refining process to collect fluoride or fluorine gases via an air pollution control system.

After collection, these fluorides are no longer a natural form of fluoride but rather a more toxic form. Largely thanks to the addition of Sulphuric acid, creating a by-product that is highly toxic and corrosive even in low concentrations.

Fluoride Truths

Risks and Health Effects Associated With Fluoride

You might wonder how or why I could be referring to something as being "highly toxic" when it is being intentionally added to our drinking water—approved for use by Australia's federal government through the Therapeutic Goods Administration or the TGA.

If you read the MSDS for these types of fluoride compounds mentioned above, you will begin to understand the risks associated with the consumption or exposure of such compounds.

For example, take a Canadian MSDS printed in 2006 regarding hydrofluosilicic acid, which falls under many other names. Fluoride is a highly hazardous compound and comes with a range of health risks associated with exposure or excess exposure, or ingestion of fluoride.

The same MSDS mentions possible health effects, for example.

  1. Pulmonary Oedema is the build-up of liquid in the lungs, which can lead to death.

  2. Fluorosis is characterised by hypomineralisation of tooth enamel caused by ingestion of excessive fluoride during enamel formation. Mainly affecting infants and even adolescents, and this can lead to physical non-reversible damage to the teeth,

  3. Exostosis or bone spur is the formation of new bone on the bone's surface, which is a severe health effect.

  4. "Fluoride is a bone seeker and will cause damage and weakening of the bone structure. It is accumulative in the tissue and bone. It, therefore, will degrade and weaken not only the bone but also the teeth, especially in children". Source Canadian MSDS printed in 2006.

Fluoride Teeth

Example of dental Fluorosis. Source Fluoride Australia

One must wonder why it is placed in our water supply if it causes the exact opposite of what it is supposedly supposed to prevent.

To put it simply, follow the money. As mentioned above, fluoride is a toxic gas that is highly toxic to crops, livestock, and, more importantly, humans if released into the atmosphere.

It is an ozone-depleting waste or by-product of the fertiliser industry and metal smelting industry. Yet once turned into a liquid, it somehow becomes perfectly "safe" to consume and, worse, consumed by the most vulnerable in society, infants and adolescents.

Keeping in mind the MSDS provided by the chemical company, supplying the product, without doubt, advises of the dangerous health effects of fluoride and the health effects associated with excess consumption.

The MSDS also mentions fluoride as a neurotoxic substance since it accumulates in tissues, bones and teeth. Mmmm, very odd?

The MSDS further says that ingestion may cause abnormal reduction of blood calcium. Well, that's odd. Do not teeth contain calcium? Is it not one of the main minerals found and required to keep both bones and teeth strong and healthy?

Moreover, this same MSDS mentions that kidney damage can occur to fluoride exposure. Since fluorides precipitate calcium, turning liquid calcium found in the blood into hard solids, causing kidney damage.

Fluoride can also cause heart, nerve damage and even issues for asthmatics and cause intestinal and rheumatism problems.

Dead Fish Water

Environmental Damage

You will note that towards the end of the MSDS, it warns of the damage Fluoride can cause to the environment.

For example, it mentions fluoride "can be dangerous if allowed to enter drinking water supply".

So if one of the environmental dangers is that fluoride can be toxic to our drinking water supply, why is fluoride intentionally added to the drinking water supply under the disguise of "Public Health"?

If it is dangerous to the environment, and "Fluoride is harmful to aquatic life in low concentrations", as quoted by the MSDS, then why is it added?

Tap water warning

In Conclusion

Fluoride appears to be more of a health hazard as opposed to providing a health benefit. Over time, it can accumulate in the body and cause damage to the environment, including aquatic animals and humans, causing fluorosis, affecting the bone structure, weakening the bones and teeth, and many other diseases or health conditions.

It is most certainly not a nutrient; it is neither a mineral, vitamin or protein, carbohydrate, or amino acid.

All the sources of fluoride added to drinking water are not pharmaceutical grade. Fluoride is a toxic by-product of both the fertiliser industry and the metal smelting industry imported from China.

H2O glass

How to Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water?

If you are wondering if I can safely and economically remove fluoride from my drinking water supply, the answer is "YES". Can I remove almost 100% of fluoride from the drinking water, the answer is again "YES".

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